God will never borrow words from the devil’s vocab to speak to His people!

So, tell me…Why would God use words like accident, death, casket, mortuary, etc to speak to you?

Or words like:

“The enemy will not destroy your children!”

“You will never fail!”

“You will never be in an accident!”

“You will never see shame!”

“You will not die!”

“You will not see lack and want!”

“This year nobody will tell you ‘Sorry!’…and all that! No! No! No!

Because those last words could birth fear, instead of faith in the heart of someone who is not yet strong in the knowledge and understanding of God and his ways. Oh yes!

Words are seeds…And a wise farmer will always sow seeds of the harvest he desires…Yam seeds for yam harvest…Money seed for money harvest…Vegetable seed for vegetable harvest…etc.

David said, in Psalm 85:8,

“I will hear what God the Lord will speak:

for he will speak peace unto his people, and to his saints…”

When God speaks, he uses the language of his promises…drawn from the New Covenant of “better promises”…Thanks to the finished work of Jesus!

I mean, words that ignite faith in you immediately…Eg:

“This year, you will succeed with exceeding great success!

“The wisdom of God at work in you will take you from success to success!

“You will see only glory! Only glorious things shall be spoken of you!

“Your going out is preserved! You are blessed coming in…Because he has given his angels charge over you!

You will enjoy abundance! You will enjoy divine provisions! You will always have more than enough!”

I’m sure someone understands what I’m trying to communicate here? Just meditate on these things…You may perhaps be able to see what I’m seeing…

This is my counsel: Let the knowledge and understanding of the realities of all that is yours in Christ dwell in you richly…then make them the content of your thoughts, your prayers, your confessions of faith, and your prophetic declarations…it will keep the atmosphere around you sanctified for God and your angels to operate.

Your day is blessed with grace and favor, in Jesus name!






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