Text: Isaiah 1:19

“If you will only let me help you, if you will only obey me, then I will make you rich.” -TLB

Do you really want to see God in your life and affairs this year? Really really?

Then hear this…

It is not God that will adjust his standards to accommodate your own standards, and excuses…No!

You are the one to adjust your standards to accommodate his principles, and the demands of the new life in Christ…Yes!

The New Covenant is a Covenant of grace – Yes! But grace will never make up for your carelessness and lack of respect for the demands of righteousness – 2 Timothy 3:15-17.

If you want to continue with excuses this year, go ahead, knock yourself out! God has nothing to lose.

But please, when situations arise, don’t come running to him with emergency fasting and prayers…Or even dare to ask, “God where are you?”

You will just be reporting yourself to God, and the angels he has delegated to minister to you and keep you from all evil – Psalm 91:1-16

If you choose to put your job, business, family, etc, first before God this year…then be ready to trust those things for whatever you will need this year…including divine protection, divine healing, divine provisions, etc.

But I tell you, neither your job, family, business or bank account can do for you what God can do for you…I tell you!

Please, be wise this year! And be careful not to make the same mistakes you made last year, of serving and obeying God only as it is convenient…

God and his Kingdom first is the name of the game…That doesn’t change with every year that comes…Every time you open your Bible to Matthew 6:33, you will see it there.

I leave you with these words:

“…Listen carefully…God will stick with you as long as you stick with him. If you look for him he will let himself be found; but if you leave him he’ll leave you.” – 2 Chronicles 15:2 (MSG).

Receive grace, in Jesus name!






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