Raising a family is one of the greatest challenges of life…especially in the days we are in.

However…Don’t build your family (business, career or profession) at the expense of your marriage!

Because the health and strength of your marriage, is the foundation for your success and fulfillment in any of these other things you might consider more important.


Do you know…That sacrificial parenting demands that the relationship between husband and wife be healthy, viable and strong? Oh yes!

Husband and wife must always keep in mind that their relationship is more important than the relationship between parents and children.

Very soon the children grow up and leave the home to start their own families. But husband and wife will always be together (“Till death do us part”, as the vow usually states).

This is why, from their wedding day, husband and wife must continue to build and strengthen their relationship.

(I have always emphasized the fact that it is the relationship between husband and wife that is the marriage – Genesis 2:24).

So you two must be careful not to invest so much time on the children, your job, business and other activities, that you lose touch with each other.

We see situations where…After the children have left home, some couples sit and look at each other not knowing what to do…Because they no longer know each other…Over the years they have grown apart…And soon enough, loneliness, sickness and disease set in!

What I’m I saying? As you bring up your children, and try to build your family, please make quality time for each other…Husband and wife will always need each other, no matter how old they get…God made it so!

May God furnish you with grace, wisdom and understanding for balance in all that you do…in Jesus name!



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