Text: Psalm 112:1-3

“Praise ye the Lord.

Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord,

that delighteth greatly in his commandments…

Wealth and riches shall be in his house:

and his righteousness endureth for ever.”

Do you know that the fear of the Lord is not only keeping away from sin, living right, never missing church, and all that?

The fear of the Lord is also demonstrated in how you’re using your money…and what you’re using it for.


What you’re doing with your money matters to God and your destiny here on earth…and in the life to come.

It is true that no one leaves the earth with all the wealth, assets and possessions they have acquired, or accumulated all their life.

But do you know there’s what to do with your wealth and riches, that can keep it multiplying and relevant to many generations of your family, long after you’re gone from here?

Much more than that, your money can also purchase for you and your children (right down many generations) the things that money cannot buy – long life, sickness-free life, protection from evil and the wickedness of men, a life of uninterrupted joy, peace , no tragedies and no losses, etc. Oh yes!

It all depends on where and what you’re investing it in…Please Read Psalm 112 from verse 1-10, to get the full scriptural picture of what I’m talking about…Will you?

If all you’re doing with your money is solving problems, meeting needs and providing a life of comfort for you and your family, you’re not using your money well.

If, as a Christian, all that God is getting from your income and business profits is your tithes and offerings…then you’re not a candidate for the kind of wealth and riches that is required to finance the preaching of the gospel…

Or for the kind of wealth that you can pass down to your children’s children…Nor for a guaranteed eternal security and defense from the stealing, killing and destroying ministry of Satan, the devil.


Just your tithes and offerings going to the church cannot finance the preaching of the gospel (which should be the primary assignment and focus of every church) more than anything else…Romans 1:16, Acts 6:1-7.

This is why a lot of churches are struggling in fulfilling this great assignment that guarantees men’s total wellbeing, and the future of every generation.

If you’re in Christ, you’re a citizen of God’s Kingdom…So, It is time to begin to put more money than you spend in solving problems and meeting needs in God’s business…I’m telling you!

It is called Kingdom investment! And that is what commands Kingdom wealth – durable wealth and riches without sweat (Psalm 112:1-9)…Wealth that God himself gives you the power to make – Deuteronomy 8:7-18; 2 Corinthians 9:5-10!

Please, study and meditate prayerfully on all the scripture references I have given in this message…And believe the Holy Spirit to give you better understanding of these money matters. That’s what will baptize you into the grace required for seeking first the Kingdom of God…when it comes to managing your finances – (Matthew 6:24-34; James 1:5-8).

Enjoy great joy, peace and blessings throughout this new week, in Jesus name.





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