This picture you see here is not a joke…

It is the sad reality in many families…And it is a very unhealthy situation…I tell you!

That’s why every man who wants to take back his family, and begin to advance it with a very strong and responsible leadership, should read this book that Daddy and I put together…

In his section, my husband said…

“Right now, in their homes, most men can’t say anything and it is obeyed, or taken seriously. Rather it is challenged, either by the wife or the children.

“Why? Because they’ve lost their place.

The enemy has crept in subtly and dispossessed them…men are busy blaming their wives…just like Adam did…!

“…Most men don’t have a voice in their family again…

You must take a quality decision. That is, a decision you can’t change in a hurry…Take a quality decision…Say to yourself:

“ I am taking my place in my family!

“ I am reclaiming my family!

“Enough is enough!”

See…if you don’t know, you don’t know! But knowledge is available…pay the price for it and stop playing the victim, okay?

Free your family, sir!

Enough is enough!




#husbands #familymatters

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