Emotional Stress And Your Work…

Text: Proverbs 11:29

“The fool who brings trouble to his own family will be cut out of the will, and the family servant will do better than he.”

There’s a very strong and counterproductive relationship between emotional stress and your work, career, business, etc.

Whether you’re a man or woman, married or single, emotional stress will limit your productivity and effectiveness on any job or assignment.

Emotional stress comes when we mismanage our relationships.

Whether you like it or not…whether you know it or not…if your relationship is not working, it will cause you emotional (and sometimes mental stress and also damage to your health)…which then affects your performance and success rate. Yes!

That’s why it’s important to learn relationship skills…and how to manage your relationship in a way that makes it a plus…and not a minus…for your pursuits in life.

Some people pursue success, fame and results at the expense of their relationships….This is so wrong.

Because you can retire from a job, business, career or profession, but relationships are forever.

For instance…You don’t retire from beign a wife, husband, father or mother.

Your desire for success in any secular pursuit…places a demand, and an uncompromising responsibility on you…to take care of your love life, your relationship with your husband /wife, children, siblings, in-laws, etc…

If any of these relationships are strained…whatever success, fame or fulfilment you ever attain will taste like ashes in your mouth.

Our greatest joy and happiness come from healthy strong and working marital and family relationships…I tell you!

Don’t feel free to hurt your relationships! Don’t be careless with your relationships! Don’t take advantage of your relationships for personal gain! I repeat, “Don’t!”

Value, invest in…and protect your relationships!

Note, however, that your personal relationship with God is the lifewire and sustaining force for all your relationships…So,give the utmost attention to it…Okay!

You are blessed with true wisdom to manage your relationships in a way that pleases God…and gives you joy and peace…in Jesus name!