Not, “Your money or your life? ” this time… lol!

Have you ever heard some women say, “The only reason I’m in this marriage is because of my children… “

Listen sis, you’re not in marriage for the children’s sake, you’re in marriage for your husband’s sake!

Please read Genesis 2:18-25; in case you’ve forgotten why you went into marriage in the first place.

Note also that the children are the seed of the man, not yours! Read Psalm 112:1-3.

And of course,remember you came into the marriage because of the man; there were no children… Success in motherhood will never take the place of your failure in wifehood (as a wife)…No! Whoever graduates with As in elective courses, and an F in the major course for which he or she got admitted into the university? Tell me?

Recently God said to me, ” Many women have succeeded in motherhood, but not as many women have succeeded in wifehood!”

Wifehood is your ministry to your husband, while motherhood is your ministry to the children – none should take the place of the other…

To say that you’re in that marriage just because of the children, is like saying, ” Oh, I love these mango fruits! I can’t do without them! “

You do?! Really? ” ” Oh yes I do. But the mango tree can go to hell for all I care! “

Excuse me? Just wait till all the children leave home…!


#marriage #family #motherhood #relationship #wisdom

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