Text: Genesis 2:24

Malachi 2:15

Matthew 19:4-6

Do you know?

There’s a very powerful divine connection between your marriage and your parenting…Yes!

I saw it in Malachi 2:15…Look at it:

“The Lord has joined you together, as a man with his wife. Your body and your spirit belong to him. Why did God put you together? He wanted you to have children who would belong to him. So, think carefully about how you live. Do not leave the wife that you married when you were a young man.” EASYTO READ

So you see, you can’t have an anyhow marriage and expect to raise children that God can use to power his agenda of a better world for all of humanity…No way!

Your marriage is very important to your parenting…Because it is your marriage that creates the atmosphere called home, where children are raised…Read the parable of the sower in Mark 4:1-11.

That’s why parenting should not be at the expense of your marriage…

Whatever hurts your marriage will definitely affect your parenting…big time!

So you can imagine the effect of your troubled, and so sour, and so love-starved, so cold and lifeless marriage on your children!!! 😭😭😭









Text: Luke 4:32

“And they were astonished at his doctrine: for his word was with power.”

If there’s no power in your heart, there’ll be no power in your words!

Jesus’ words were with power, because he was full of the power of the Spirit! (Luke 4:14,18,32).

If there’s no life in your heart, there’ll be no life in your words!

Jesus’ words were spirit…and they were life, because he was full of the same life the Father had in him!(Jn 6:63; Jn 5:26.)

Your words will always be full of what you’re full of…Yes! – Read Matthew 12:35.

What are words worth, if there’s neither power nor life in them? (Mattw 12:34).

Luke 6:17 said the people came to hear Jesus and to be healed…

What effect do your words have on those who hear you?

What do your words do to your wife/husband? Children? Househelp? Colleagues? Your staff/employees? Etc?

Just think…