Text: Luke 16:19-21

“Jesus then said, ‘At one time, there was a rich man who had very expensive clothes. Some of the clothes were purple, and some of them were soft and white.

This rich man ate big meals every day. There was also a poor man called Lazarus. He had sores all over his body. He lay outside the gate of the rich man.

He was very hungry. He even wanted to eat the bits of food that the rich man threw away. Even the dogs came and they tasted the sores on his body.” EASY

See…People know who you are, what you do…and the way you’re living your life.?.

You’re the one living the life…while people are the judge and record-keepers of the way you’re living it.

Now, tell me…What will people remember you for?

Is your life a motivation…or an offense and source of fear, concern and despair to others?

Is your life mocking God…or giving him glory?

Is your life fueling other lives…or slowing them down?

Is your life enriching others…or parasiting them?

It is self-deceit to think that your life is nobody’s business…or that you can live your life the way you want it…Because there are so many destinies tied to yours. Yes! See Luke 2:34.

Friend, please, examine yourself!




#inspiration #motivation

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