Text: Proverbs 31:17

“Strength and dignity are her clothing…She’s energetic and strong, a hard worker.”

Hear me, beautiful…Womanhood is a responsibility you can’t do in any form of weakness! Yes!

Many men are standing strong, but weak wives won’t let them move forward…They have wives who are supposed to be “helpmeet”…Yet they’re still like a man running a marathon race on one leg!

Woman! Don’t live life exposed, naked and so, so vulnerable…Clothe yourself with strength!

Psalm 144:12 says you’re a pillar…If a pillar begins to wobble…then the structure it’s supporting is in trouble, I tell you!

God has watched you weak…It’s paining him…

The things you shouldn’t come to him crying about, you still come to him crying about them…You too know it, shey?

You think God is looking for your tears? No…he’s waiting for you to realize the stuff you’re made of…and for you to rise up to its potency and effectiveness! That’s right girl!

You are more than whatever you think you’re going through now…So, brace up baby…You are the beautiful flower that keeps your home smelling so, so good…Yes!

So, don’t lose your glow! Don’t lose your freshness! Don’t lose your dignity!

Say a vehement “No!” to whatever wants to make you think, look or behave who you are not…okay? 😍😍😍




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