“And it shall come to pass…”Deuteronomy 28:1

Can I tell you something, my dear?

You see, you must come to the place where things that are temporal (that is, things that will come to pass) don’t occupy and control all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your might, all of your time…

Because…when it’s all over, it will leave you so drained…and having to pick up all over again! Don’t do that to yourself?

Hey, precious one, listen…

It won’t be long…that school fees…that house rent…that debt is paid! Yes!

It won’t be long, my beloved, that sickness is gone!

It won’t be long…that trouble will be over!

It won’t be long, my dear, that weight is lifted…I tell you!

It won’t be long…that concern is a sweet testimony for you to share with joy!

In Jesus powerful name!

Just keep your mind and heart stayed on Jesus…not the issue…Okay?

God’s unfailing love will keep you full of faith and joy, in Jesus name!

You are blessed! 😍😍😍




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