Text : Proverbs 13:14

“The instruction of the wise is like a life-giving fountain; those who accept it avoid the snares of death.” NLT

Do you know? You can become an impossible case for death! I tell you.

When the words of eternal life dwell in you so richly…they make you so wise that you know what to do to keep death at bay.

David said, in Psalm 17:4,

“…by the word of thy lips

I have kept me from the paths of the destroyer.”

God’s Word is life…and life doesn’t die…because death can’t kill life!

God’s Word is spirit…and spirits don’t die…because that which is spirit is eternal!

God’s Word will so spirit-fill and spiritualize anything…and give it an eternal value – whether it’s your health, your mind, your body, your marriage, your business, etc.

Job said in Job 4:21,

“Doth not their excellency which is in them go away?

they die, even without wisdom.”

So, if they have wisdom, if they are wise, they will live and not die…And it is the Word of God that makes one wise…Read 2 Timothy 3:15; Matthew 7:24-27.

Wisdom guarantees long life…It will keep you thinking, saying and doing what will keep you alive and healthy…Read Proverbs 3:13-18, Proverbs 8:33-36.

Meanwhile, Proverbs 8:33 says, “Hear instruction, and be wise,

and refuse it not.”

If you will keep receiving instruction from the Holy Spirit that lives in you (whom God has given you as the seal of your salvation)…and you work with those instructions, then you’re walking in wisdom.

So, how then can death reach you? Because wisdom says,

“Whoever finds me finds life, (only) all those who hate me find death.” Alleluia!

You see…you can live and not die…no matter the plague, epidemic or pandemic raging everywhere. That’s right!


The opposite of wisdom is foolishness…And foolishness brings affliction…

Foolishness kills! Foolishness makes you a prey to the lions of life!

Foolishness makes you poor…and poverty brings destruction…Read Proverbs 107:17; Jeremiah 5:4-6; Ecclesiastes 10:15.

As for wisdom…Wisdom keeps you walking in the fear of the Lord, and the fear of the Lord keeps you walking in wisdom and safety…

The fear of the Lord keeps you doing the things that will keep you alive and indestructible…like Joseph!

The devil’s John 10:10 ministry can never thrive in your life when you walk in the fear of the Lord (that is, in reverence for his Word and principles for living – Matthew 6:33)…

Because God personally takes responsibility for your safety and total wellbeing…as he promised in 1 Peter 5:7; Job 1:1-10; Psalm 91: 1-16.

Declare boldly now : “ Because I walk in wisdom and the fear of the Lord, I enjoy life, divine protection, health, peace, joy and all-round wellbeing all the days of my life…in Jesus mighty name!” Yes!




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