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By your writings shall light come to those who sit in darkness.

When you make resolutions, don’t forget them✏


Today is my birthday and I choose Joy! 💃💃💃

Many are blessed with the gift of “natural drive”. They remember the agendas on their to-do list even without looking at the list, they have a brilliant idea and they instantly run with it, they can successfully handle 100 agendas at a go, the level of their results and successes are very obvios -they leave the rest of us wondering “how does she do it?”

Does it sound like I sort of drifted?

Let me try to connect the dots -about abandoning your resolutions.

I believe the difference between this naturally driven superhumans and the rest of the world is that they write their visions, make it plain on a table and run with it! In a less KingJamesy translation; they follow through with their plans. They have schedules that with all their might they try to keep. When it seems…

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¤ Every great or successful person you see on this earth, is a product of time and opportunity maximized. Yes.

¤ If you play with opportunities that come your way, you’ll never become anything great enough to affect or impact other people’s lives.

¤ God uses people to give you opportunities that will provoke the best in you for maximum impact.

¤ People who are careless with privileges and opportunities given to them can never taste greatness!

¤ Opportunities make time meaningful. They give you the privilege to put something useful and lasting into your time.

¤ Opportunities give you the privilege to do something today that will guarantee your tomorrow.

¤ People who get to their tomorrow and find nothing, are people who were careless with opportunities. Yes.

¤ Every man’s time here on earth is loaded with opportunities designed to make time meaningful and productive.

¤ The time allotted to you in life is wasted, if you do nothing with opportunities that come your way.

(Culled from the book: “TIME AND OPPORTUNITY” – by Ada Ezeka).




God wants your money to multiply (Deuteronomy 8v13).

But he said to

” Only money that is working multiplies. Lazy money, sitting there in your bank account (or wherever it is you have stashed it away) doing nothing,can’t amount to anything, can’t bring you any profit!”

God does not give us money to keep, God gives us money to give!

Read Ecclesiastes 10:19b, Luke 6:38, Proverbs 11: 24-25.

You are only as rich as you give, not as rich as your salary, your profits from your shares and stocks, or business deals, or whatever any man gives you (Acts. 20:35).

Paul said your account swells as you give,not as you keep (Phillipians 4:17).

Your real wealth is not how much money you have in your bank account…

Your real wealth is how much money you have given/invested in the kingdom.

People look at what you have and call you a really blessed man…

But God looks at your record of giving and calls you “Blessed!”

Friends, the new creation life is a giving life, not a life of accumulation.

As a believer, you are as wealthy as your giving.

God’s financial system is different from the world’s. Let’s change our style!


If you’re waiting for the day God will show some sympathy for you and what you’re going through….

You’re like, “God,where are you? Can’t you see what I’m going through? “….

Hmmmm! You will wait forever. You know why?

* Because God never sees you as an object of pity!

* Because as he is so are you in this world – 1John 4:17.

* Because he has given you his own kind of faith to handle any situation – Matthew 17:20.

* Because he knows you know what to do to exhibit your victory status in Christ.

Paul and Silas, for instance, didn’t throw a pity-party in their distressed situation and wait for God to attend.

No! They engaged the winner’s strategy, and God showed up in style! Come on!

Read about this prayer and praise party in prison, where they were bound in stocks, (bleeding from the merciless beatings they had received) in Acts 16:25….

No more pity parties, okay?

No more folding your hands and wearing a sorrowful face to attract sympathy, okay?

You’re more than that jor!


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Families don’t wash their dirty linens in public!

Many of us have very terrible people in our families (armed robbers, murderers, 419ners, cultists, thiefs, prostitutes, etc), but we don’t come to Facebook or sit with people and talk about them, or make moviesabout them!
But why do believers, who are all blood purchased members of God’s family do that about themselves?

How do we expect the unbelievers to desire to join the family?

What Jesus gave to us is the “ministry of reconciliation”, not the ministry of judging, castigating and condemning one another!

God is still working on us with his Word and his Spirit and the five-fold ministry…

Till we all come into the unity of faith, unto the measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ, unto a perfect man -Ephesians 4:8-13. Praise God!

A house/family divided against itself cannot stand – Matthew 12:25.

And let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he falls!

I love the family of God (the body of Christ) anyhow – both the good, the bad and the ugly! Yes nah!

After all, “As he is, so are we… ” – 1John 4:17



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ZEAL IS NOT ENOUGH! – 1Corinthians 14:42

You see, we can’t confuse God with zeal…

That we are zealous,and that we have abundance of resources is not enough.

God weighs our zeal and everything by the level of knowledge and understanding powering our motives and actions.

God will never bend his rules, or close his eyes to disorder and unethical approach to whatsoever we do for him and in his name!

That’s why he took the throne from Saul and gave it to someonelse.

Saul meant well, but he didnt do well. He did not do the good did as commanded.

Same with Cain!

Same with David, and Uzzah took the brunt of God’s dis-satisfaction for the method David chose to bring home the ark.

Good intention; but unethical approach!

So,good intention is not enough! Zeal is not enough!

“We have the money” is not enough! God is not an anyhow God!

We have a Kingdom to advertise on this earth. Let’s be mindful of its ethics, ways and manner of life…

God will be happy, and our results and success will be more supernatural! (Ecclesiastes 10:15). Praise God!


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@ The Resurrected Assembly…yesterday.


You’re only a vessel of honour to the dimension that you’re functioning in the assignment/purpose for which you were created…

A vessel of honour is a vessel of importance of value, etc.

Of what value is a vessel that is busy performing every other task but the main task it was made for?

And again, of what value is a vessel that is sitting there helpless and idle, just “encumbering the ground”, or just occupying space?

The woman is the most important and valuable creation of God, whose function decides the wellbeing of the man, the family, the community, the nation, the church, and the society at large…

But the wrong labels and definitions which the world, tradition, culture and even religion has given the woman, have greatly incapacitated her usefulness and effectiveness in fulfilling the purpose for which she was created…

Consequently, many women are functioning with false identities and very counter productive self esteem that have made them such vulnerable preys to the menfolk, the entertainment industries, etc…

Otherwise, why should a woman choose to market her body or looks for money?

Why should a lady choose prostitution as a means of livelyhood, no matter the circumstances?

Why should a lady go after a fellow woman’s husband?

Why should a woman choose to be a 2nd or 3rd, 4th, even 5th wife? Tell me!

Of course, she doesn’t know who she is, and why she was created a woman…

I said in my new book, Woman! Where are you?
“If you don’t know who you are, how can you be who you are…”

Who you are is who you were created to be. The woman was created to be, primarily, a wife,then a mother and homemaker…

Until she has proved her importance and value in these three- dimensional God-given assignments, whatever else she succeeds in does not impress God…

Because the greatest reward, honour, blessings, fame, wealth and authentic and lasting recognition a woman can ever get or enjoy in this life, will come from God. Because he alone knows her true value…

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There is a spirit of thanksgiving.

It makes you count your blessings instead of your losses!

Never let the devil give you an excuse not to give thanks!

It is good to give thanks. Because it releases the anointing for such multiplication and glory that makes whatever you have lost look like nothing!

As a matter of fact, thanksgiving secures God’s blessing in your life and makes it “unlossable”!

Much more, it makes it “unstealable”, unkillable and “undestroyable” by the thief Jesus told us about in John 10:10! Yes!
The year is fast drawing to an end; start stirring up the spirit of thanksgiving in your heart now…






Matthew 12:25 :33-37

Words are the most powerful weapon on this earth. I tell you!

We do not speak for speaking sake, we speak to see something happen.

What are your words making happen for you?

God used his words to frame the world and everything he created (Hebrews 11:1-3).

What have your words framed or created for you?

Are your words creating or destroying; building or tearing down?

It is what is inyour heart that powers your words.

It’s what’s in your heart that determines the results your words will produce.

If there’s no power in your heart, there’ll be no power in your words!

Jesus’ words were with power, because he was full of the power of the Spirit! (Luke 4:14,18,32).

If there’s no life in your heart, there’ll be no life in your words!

Jesus’ words were spirit, and they were life, because he was full of the same life the Father had in him! (John 6:63; John 5:26.)

What are words worth, if there’s neither power nor life in them? (Matthew 12:34).

Revelation knowledge (acurate, exact, complete and full personal knowledge of divine realities, is what fills your heart with life and power that impregnates your words for results anyday, anytime, anywhere (Ephesians 1:17-19; Ecclesiastes 8:4).



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