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By your writings shall light come to those who sit in darkness.




There is a comfort zone of life…

It is living in the God dimension of life.

It is living life and operating every area of your life by divine instructions….I tell you, it’s possible! That’s why God had to come down to our level.

In Christ Jesus, God has upgraded all of humanity to the God dimension of life.

If you’re still toiling and struggling to give your family a good life…

Or to make ends meet, you’re cheating yourself and putting your family in a place of disadvantage; and chiseling away at your longevity…

Stop! There is a new and a living way… Humble yourself and go for it!

Please read the scripture references…

Yes! “Self-made man” is old school jor!

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Mother said it was a curse,
Father said; “stay home and make certain you aren’t seen by anyone.”
Home was my companion, I knew every stain and crack on those four walls.
I was constantly clothed with thick black garments, it was my yearly vogue.

“Fix me please!” I cried to the millionth physician I had seen since my condition.
“I’m sorry Miss. There’s nothing I can do. He said with a sigh and head bowed. You should have come sooner.”
So I was going to live with this curse all my life? I will never have a normal life or wear normal clothes? You mean I’ll never be seen in public like every other person?
What did I ever do to deserve this wicked burden?

I weighed so little for my age
The hemorrhage had drained my existence
Twelve years of incessant, painful, smelly flow
I wore rags upon rags underneath, to keep me from spilling.
Hahaha! Those days and nights I just sat over a bucket and cried till my tears dried.
Twelve years of giving all I had for a cure, and gaining nothing in return.

I heard of Him and all that He did
I heard He made people well when He touched them.
They gathered daily to hear Him speak
Who He was, I didn’t know.
And how would I find out, when Father had banned me from being seen!

I want to be well!
I want this man to make me well! And if I’m not worthy to be seen by him, then I can at least touch his clothes… he won’t see me, I’ll just steal my way through and no one will ever notice.

I struggled through the crowd that gathered, probably for the same purpose for which I came. I pressed and pushed until I got close to Him.
That had to be Him, He was calm amidst the bustling crowd, and everyone gathered around Him.
I touched the end of His cloth, and I felt an instant halt to the flow of blood within me… it has really stopped!

I was still in my thoughts and about to run home to check for sure, when He called out; “who touched me?”
Oh no! Oh no! He noticed… now everyone will see me!
I was frightened but I owned up. I told Him what I did.

He looked at me with that same calm I saw before I touched his cloth.
He said to me; “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, you are healed of your disease.”

I ran,
I walked briskly…confident for the first time!
I had met the healer, and He healed me.
My name is Daughter, that’s what He called me.

Mark 5:25-34

Paula Young
Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016


November 2018 Edition…

Lecture Topic:

Text: Malachi 2:15-16
“God, not you made marriage. His Spirit inhabits even the smallest details of marriage…So guard the spirit of marriage within you…” (MSG)

“There is a spirit of marriage.!

The spirit of a thing is what makes that thing work or answer to its name. It’s what makes that thing a reality…

For example:
– the spirit of Christ-1Peter 1:11
– the spirit of faith- 2Corinthians 4:13
– the spirit of jealousy- Numbers 5:30
– the spirit of the world- 2Timothy 1:17… etc.

Many are doing marriage with the spirit of the culture and tradition of their country, tribe or colour. Some are doing marriage with the spirit of the age, century or generation they’re born in. No wonder there is so much trouble in marriages!

If the spirit of a thing is not at work in you, you will not be able to function as is required of you to enjoy the blessing that thing offers.

The spirit of faith, for instance, will make you believe, think, talk and act faith, and your life will be full of the proofs of the faith of Jesus that is in you as a believer.

Friends, there is a spirit of marriage. And when you’re conscious of that spirit, and you submit yourself to its power and influence, it will control you, and determine…

* how you see and value marriage

* how you behave

* what you do

* and the choices and decisions you make in and concerning your marriage.

Just like the way a man behaves when he is under the control and influence of the spirit of alcohol, drugs, lust or anger. Yes!

On your wedding day, you received a baptism of the spirit of marriage…

Just like the Apostles were baptized with the Spirit of Christ, and all of the Acts of the Apostles is a record of the influence and power of that Spirit in their lives, as they submitted totally to Him, and continued to do what was required to keep Him at work in them.

(For a deeper understanding of this, get my new book: THE PURPOSE OF PRAYER).

That was why Peter told the others that they have to leave serving of tables to others, so that they can give themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word.

Because that is what will keep that Spirit activated and powering their lives and assignment (Acts 6:1-7).

When you are aware that the spirit to do marriage came into you when you legally became husband and wife, and you allow that spirit to control you by all means, it will always make you do what is required of you to enjoy the power and blessings of marriage…”

(Check out the full message on YouTube).






TEXT: Malachi 2:15-16
Marital union must be spiritual, otherwise it will never work!

In other words, if you don’t get spiritual about your marriage, you may soon not have one anymore.

That’s what God is saying in the two verses of scripture above:

“Did you not hear that I made them one (The male and female-in marriage)… therefore take heed unto your spirits… for the Lord your God hates divorce… “

So you see, people divorce not because the marriage didn’t work, but because they didn’t work at their marriage with spiritual intelligence!

They were doing marriage with human, cultural; traditional, intellectual, emotional and every other sense you can think of!

It is impossible for a husband and wife to attain the oneness that sustains marriage and keeps it working, if they are not spiritually-minded about their marriage.

To be spiritually-minded about your marriage is to know that God is involved and interested in your marriage; and to seek to know and understand his thoughts, ways and recommended wisdom and principles to make it work.

I believe this is the primary reason many marriages are not working as God designed it to. People are in marriage more for what they want than what God wants.

If God and posterity are your focus in marriage, you will be inwardly fortified to face the challenges,endure the hardships (like a good soldier the bible says).

You will stand strong in the Lord and frustrate the devil until he gives up. Because winners never quit. And why don’t winners quit?Because their eyes are on the trophy!

The Word of God is spirit and life. God has made it available in abundance to keep you strengthened spirit, soul and body to overcome every adversity life in marriage throws at you.

That’s Why he said in Proverbs 24:10 that if you fail in the day of adversity (that is if you allow the challenge to overcome you and throw in the towel), it’s because your strength is inadequate to macth the challenge; and not because the challenge was greater or impossible!

This is because God said every challenge is common. That is, whatever you think you’re going through in your marriage is not unique!

Please give your marriage a new approach! Get SPIRITUAL!



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There’s no reason to be afraid of getting old.

See what God said: ” Even in old age they will still produce fruits and be vital and green. ” (TLB)

Isn’t that good news!

Let’s read it from the Message Bible,

“They will grow tall in the presence of God, lithe and green,virile still in old age. “

So you can see that God expects you to still be useful, relevant and about your dream, business, vision or assignment…

And preparing the next generation to take over from you…And not be a concern or a liability to them. Yes!
So not even sickness or death can sabotage that – except you let them! Praise God!








Text: Deuteronomy 33:25

“…as your days, so shall your strength be… “

That is, the older you get… (though i always like to say, “The longer I live on this earth”)….the younger, healthier and stronger you will be.

That’s God’s will and plan for you. And he has made provisions for that scripture to be a vital reality for you and I in Christ…

– 2Timothy 1:10

– 2Peter 1:3

– 1John 5:11-13

– Romans 8:10-11

– Hebrews 2:14-15

Old age is not a handicap nor a disadvantage…

Neither is it a condemnation to a life of sickness and disease…

Or resignation to death!

Old age can be…

* without wrinkles

* no plastic surgery

* without sickness

* without poverty

* without any form of weakness…

It is possible!

If you’re in Christ, it’s your heritage – Genesis 24:1.


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Every time is not your time. Yes!

That’s what Ecclesiastes 1:4 means by, “One generation passes away, and another comes…”

God gives every man the opportunity for greatness through purpose(Mattw 1:21).

You are as great as the use of your time here on earth.

Your time is like a hungry baby, waiting with mouth open to be fed!

The difference between the poor and the rich man is what they did with their time!

Time is only useful when you’re using it to fulfil purpose.

Know this, what you’re doing with your time will soon start showing…


So, what are you waiting for? Engage the weapon of prayer!

If it worked for king Hezekiah, it will surely work for you too!

The scipture cannot be broken; it’s just waiting to be fulfilled in your own life too!

James 5:13 asks,

” Is any afflicted? Let him pray… ” (not let him weep, or start thinking of dying!).

That was what the king Hezekiah did when he “was sick and near unto death”.

He prayed, and the death sentence over his life was reversed immediately!

Your testimony is the next in Jesus name!



“Man shall not live by bread alone…” (Mattw 4:4).

You see,if you have made up your mind to live like a man, then, go on, knock yourself out! Eat all the amala, poundy, turkey, salad, etc you can!

But if you want to live the God/spirit life\ on this earth, it has to be “by EVERY word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”…

That is, spiritualise your mind with insights into divine realities. Normal religion won’t get you there! Okay?





Text : Malachi 2:15-16

A “godly seed” is not a child that went to the most expensive school, or scored As all through school. No!

Neither is it the one that can quote or recite the Bible from Genesis to Revelation (“the letter killeth..”).

A godly seed is one that has been consciously raised and empowered to walk with God,and to fulfil divine purpose,in the fear of the Lord!

No boarding school, nor any school for that matter, can do that for your child…

Many parents (including even Christians, who are supposed to have the mindset of the righteous, ate transfering their God-given responsibility of raising their children for God, to boarding schools…

No boarding school can ever create a home environment for your children to grow up in…

Because God designed children to be raised in the home to be like their parents…Read:

– Genesis1 :11 & 14

– Mark 4:1- 11

– Luke 24:49

Only a child raised with the Word of God can be described as a godly seed. Who best to guarantee that but his/her parents…

Is this possible with once a month visit to the boarding school? Or about three months holiday in a year?