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Men of Purpose | Biographical Sketches | Michael Faraday | Part 2

MICHAEL FARADAY ( continued).
He was thirteen years of age when he took a job as a newspaper and book delivery boy…
As he tramped the cobbled streets of early nineteenth century London clad in his elder brother’s shabby overcoat, he decided to get work as a stationer and bookbinder…
His inquisitive mind would explore the scores of books which passed across his binder’s table. Fascinated, he ploughed through Isaac Watts’ book “On the Mind”, and began to hunger after a better education.
He absorbed complete sections of the ” Encyclopaedia Britannica” while rebinding a worn E-F volume, returning again and again to the article on electricity
In his spare time at home he tried to immitate experiments described in the article, and began to track down every popular book or magazine he heard of which contained anything about this fascinating new science…. (to be continued).

Men of Purpose | Biographical Sketches | Michael Faraday


(The man who discovered electricity – “on this has been founded all those applications of electricity which form the muscles and nerves of our modern life… “)


“Michael FARADAY, extraordinary scientific genius as he became, had a very humble start in life… He grew up in an overcrowded home… receiving the slenderest education, and spending most of his early boyhood playing in the street. .. the family lived on Poor Relief…

Young FARADAY never missed a Sunday in St Paul’s Alley… where a small congregation of Christians held firmly to the Bible as the infallible Word of God.

Here FARADAY learnt from the lips of preachers a faith which shaped his life and became for him the most important message in the world… “

…….(to be continued)

– Culled from “MEN OF PURPOSE ” by Peter Masters