You come to your wedding as a man and a woman. But the wedding automatically qualifies and licenses you both as husband and wife. Then, marriage begins.


But the sad thing, and the greatest undoing of many marriages, is that many husbands and wives are doing marriage as just men and women. No wonder being married is not easy for many married couples. It takes a husband and a wife to be married.

If you, man, will consciously allow the husband in you to take the stage; and you, wife, allow the wife in you to take the stage, you will both have a marriage indeed -effortlessly! I tell you!


Marriage is a spiritual institution, designed to be practiced by two spiritual male and female that have been legally joined together as husband and wife. Continue reading WANTED: HUSBANDS AND WIVES!



God is a God of times,seasons, levels and phases. And he orchestrates them by his leadings – most times so very subtle and seemingly insignificant that if you’re not sensitive; or if you’re constantly distracted, you may miss it without knowing. That’s why he has put his Spirit in us – Ezekiel 36:27; John 16:13; 1Corinthians 2:9-13.



However, this I have come to know: God’s leading; God’s instruction; God’s signals will never take a man backwards – it’s always, forward!

As a matter of fact, his leading, instruction or signals come because he wants to do a new thing that will move us or the work in our hands to the next level. Though sometimes it usually doesn’t appear so – especially if we experience any disappointment,opposition, hardship or roadblocks.


This is why every believer/child of God must carve a niche for himself/herself in God. Continue reading FORWARD ALWAYS!



As the year draws to a close, be consumed with an overwhelming consciousness of all God’s blessing and additions to your life and family this year. Begin to stir up something mighty, the spirit of thanksgiving in your heart…
Don’t allow the devil to accuse God before you! Don’t let him give you a reason not to thank God! Don’t let him arrest your heart with murmuring!
Don’t let him draw your attention to what God has not yet done (from the “Things To Do” list that you prepared for God at the beginning of the year! ).
What that enemy of your joy will never tell you is that the requests in your list have already been treated and supplied in Christ!
God has answered all of man’s needs in Christ. It is finished! That’s why he demands thanksgiving from us.
Be thankful unto him and bless his name, my dear! Your case is settled already!
You will end this year 2015 dancing and celebrating; whether the devil likes it or not; in Jesus precious name!




“He had genius and strength, wisdom and piety. He was a statesman,a general,a poet and a religious reformer.

He’s a distinct surprise to us, not so much because of his strength and genius – they were to be expected – but in his piety, under all the circumstances connected with him.

The rare statement, “He did that which was right in the sight of the Lord. “, is a glad and thrilling surprise, when we consider all his antecedents and his environments.

Where did he come from? Under what circumstances was his childhood life spent? Who were his parents and what were their religious character?

Worldliness, half-heartedness and utter apostacy marked the reign of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. His home surroundings as he grew up were far from beign favorable to godliness and faith in God.

One thing however favoured him. He was fortunate in having Isaiah for his friend and counselor when he assumed the crown of Judah… “(to be continued).

(Culled from: Prayer and Praying Men, by E. M. Bounds).
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