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Text : Proverbs 22:19
So that your trust (belief,reliance,support, and confidence) may be in the Lord… “ (AMP)


Seriously, think about this: if the scriptures have given you the assurance that, “the desire of the righteous shall be granted”, and that “thine expectation shall not be cut off”….Tell me then,is it not foolishness or kind of irresponsible to see what you did not believe God for (what you did not desire,what you are not expecting, what your faith did not place an order for) and begin to despair, fret, worry or think that God has disappointed you? Think about it… really! Continue reading WORD FOR THE WEEK

Good Morning Jesus!

“Your Christianity is your greatest asset in life.The fullness of God’s potentials in you to be all that He has created you to be,is provoked to full manifestation by a quality Christian life. I learnt to define Christianity as: a diligent pursuit of God for a great destiny. Your Christianity comes to full bloom when Christ is formed in you…

It is possible to be a great Christian!”